Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Giraffe


I had such a great time working on this couple of cookies for a giraffe themed baby shower. The giraffe is sweet and how about the sexy mom to be to match the theme?


For a ballerina turning 15 nothing seemed more appropiate than a collection of pink & white tutus and ballet shoes. 60 of the cookies were arranged on a tree and the rest will be displayed at the dessert tables. Cookies will later be offered to guests as party favors.

Ombudsman Farewell

Little custom Thank You gift for USS Independence Ombudsman. I really hope those ribbons were the right colors!

Converse and Ipods

Fun little project. Little girl wanted converse, purple and music. Purple converse shoes and Ipods was Vanilla & Chocolate response to this request.
Christening Dessert Table

Lime green and white collection of Christening desserts. Cake was a vanilla chiffon with lemon filling and fondant decorations. The fondant bear was a big favorite. Among the desserts the mini brownie pops were a hit with kids and adults as well.