Monday, March 1, 2010

Andrea's 13th b-day

I can't believe I got so behind updating my blog, here is something I made for my daugther Andrea on her 13th b-day. What a happy day, can't believe that she's already a teenager! For her b-day she wanted peace symbols, peace hearts, tie dye and her best friends around! I was very happy with the "tie-dye" hearts.
Bridal Shower

For a very special bride to be I created this dessert table. We started with no theme and only the colors green and purple. I decided to create a collection of trendy purses (check out the ones with the zebra print!) and arranged them in a tree display. The cookies were later given out as favors. The collection of desserts included baby green apples, lemon meringue mini tarts, apricot and cream cheese tarts, strawberry mousse in chocolate cups (again the zebra print) and some other little treats. This table was intended to serve 60 people and it had just the right amount of goodies to satisfy everyone. I wish the best of the best to my sister Carla!